Consequences of Transformer Explosions

Transformer explosion in Power Plant Transformer explosion in Power Plant

Transformer explosions lead to different consequences, depending on the transformer location. We can classify the risks as below:

Transformer explosions can be found on Internet almost on a daily basis, and the consequences vary for each of them. The risks cannot be denied. Insurers and risks managers consider the transformers as critical due to the consequences that a failure can lead to.

It has been observed on many occasions:

  • Damaged Plants and substations damaged
  • Outage that can reach several months, leading to loss of production
  • Large fire becoming wild, devasting the environment, residential areas and industries
  • Outstanding investment loss, especially loss of production often not covered in the insurance contract
  • Insurance Premium Increase
  • Human life risks, up to injuring or killing people
  • Environmental pollution, as transformers contain several tons of oil
  • Communities and Political consequences, which can lead to plant closure
  • People evacuation in buildings, plants, hospital, hotels, etc.

Transformer explosion risks should not be neglected. Transformers should all follow the National Fire Protection Association recommendations NFPA 850, which include a Fast Depressurization System.