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Ensuring Uninterrupted Power

On the distribution segment, transformers play an essential role, and any failure is directly felt by end-users and surrounding communities. As technology evolves, people become more dependent on power supply: homes, devices, and even vehicles rely on this energy source. That’s why a single incident could trigger a series of events disrupting power supply, causing outages that may last for days or even weeks. Consequently, this could lead to political and social tensions or conflicts with neighboring communities and local authorities.

A system like TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR™ ensures supply stability while enhancing safety and shielding your company from transformer explosions and fires. The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR™ is a passive mechanical system, and it stands as the only proven solution to prevent such incidents. It’s a Fast Depressurization System, defined in NFPA Recommendations 850.

Backed by a €15 million Product Liability Insurance that has never been utilized, thanks to the TP’s outstanding performance, it has been tested and operated on transformers with internal short-circuits. 

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR™ can be installed on existing and new transformers ranging from 0.1 to 1,000 MVA and beyond. The transformer is never machined, and existing manholes are utilized for installation. 

With over 3,800 TP units protecting more than 250,000 MVA, they have been installed for over 200 end users across 80+ countries. Renowned transformer brands have integrated several TP units into their transformers. In the global Distribution & Transmission network, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR™ is widely regarded by stakeholders as the solution to significantly enhance the reliability and safety of electricity. 

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