Key Facts

Innovation, Expertise, and Reliability

Engineering company with 60 years of expertise designing, manufacturing, and putting in operations Transformer´s protection against explosions and fire.

We have upheld a strong commitment to research ever since our company was founded actively publishing studies and conducting laboratory test on our products. We are also, member of SER Syndicat des Energies Renouvellables.

SERGI TP has global operations, protecting transformers from 150 kVA to 1,250 MVA and in 86 countries.

SERGI has successfully installed more than 3.600 systems around the world, covering all businesses segments within the industry.

SERGI Transformer Protector has been assessed and certified to comply with the requirements of ISO 14001, for environmental management system, and ISO 45001, for management systems of occupational health and safety. 
Multi-cultural organization, consisting of a team representing over fifteen nationalities, enabling proximity to customers across the globe. 

Our customer base exceeds 250 esteemed entities, including prominent names such as EDF (France), ADNOC (UAE), NTDC (Pakistan), and Eskom (South Africa).

SERGI Transformer Protector is an active member of Hydrogene de France and participant in the Hydrogen International Task Force. 

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