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Transformer´s Reliability

Validation through Rigorous Testing

Recent rigorous testing, overseen by the High Power Test Station (SEGP) at the request of SERGI Transformer Protector, underscores the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR’s unwavering commitment to transformer´s reliability and client safety. To enhance these crucial aspects, SERGI, the manufacturer of the Transformer Fast Depressurization Systems (TP), conducted a comprehensive testing campaign.

Aligned with NFPA Code 850, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is ingeniously designed to instantly depressurize oil-filled equipment after electrical arc events, significantly minimizing the risk of explosions and fires. Simulated electric arcs within sealed transformer tanks were studied, revealing that the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR´s mechanism effectively expels oil and gas, achieving fast depressurization and preventing potential hazards. Notably, Bureau Veritas validated EDF’s live test, providing an extra layer of credibility and ensuring the reliability of the results.

A specialized 7.5 MVA transformer, equipped with various sensors and precision Arc Generation Devices (AGD), played a pivotal role in controlled arc generation. Dynamic pressure, static pressure, and temperature sensors were integrated to monitor conditions closely. The deliberate production of arc currents ranging from 10kA to 20kA allowed for a comprehensive assessment of the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR´s efficacy in diverse scenarios.

These tests unmistakably demonstrate the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR´sexceptional ability to safeguard transformers, exceeding NFPA Code 850 standards and emphasizing its dedication to safety. In critical scenarios, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR shines as an exemplar of reliability and a guardian of safety, exemplifying its commitment to core values through exceptional performance demonstrated during a comprehensive testing campaign, ensuring both product integrity and the well-being of clients.

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