Enhancing Safety and Environmental Responsibility

We are a company dedicated to the development and production of devices that prevent transformers explosions and fire. Our products are designed to help electrical utilities, industrial facilities, and other organizations achieve higher standards of environmental safety. The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) is designed to avoid the risk of transformer explosions and fire, which can release harmful pollutants into the environment. In addition, we work on improving our manufacturing processes to be designed to be environmentally friendly.

In recognition of its commitment to sustainability, SERGI TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR has been awarded the ISO 14001 certification by SGS. This certification is an international standard that recognizes organizations that have implemented a management system for environmental protection.

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) is activated in milliseconds by the First Dynamic Pressure Peak generated at the origin of any low impedance fault, preventing the transformer explosion and the subsequent fire, oil leakage and the pollution to the surrounding soils and water sources. The TP can help to prevent transformer explosions and fire by detecting and addressing problems before they occur, becoming this way in a valuable tool for improving environmental safety. In addition, the TP can help to protect people and property from the risk of fire.

SERGI TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is committed to making a positive impact on the environment. The company’s products and practices help to reduce the environmental impact of electrical transformers, and the company is constantly looking for ways to improve its sustainability performance.