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Ensuring Safety and Enhancing Grid Reliability

Increase electricity grid reliability

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP), a passive mechanical system, is the sole proven solution to prevent transformer explosion and fire.  Defined as a Fast Depressurization System by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) under Recommendation 850, its reliability is unparalleled.

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR’s performance is underscored by a €15 million Product Liability Insurance, which, to date, remains unclaimed. The TP can be integrated into both new and existing transformers, ranging from 0.1 to 1,250 MVA and beyond. No modifications are required to the transformer body; installations utilize existing manholes.


In such conditions, no damage can occur to the sub-station. It is then easier and much faster to put back in service the substation. 

Transformers are critical to transmit and distribute electricity. When a transformer fails, the network can be affected, which: 

Thanks to the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR, major concerns are eliminated, such as: 

With over 3,600 TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) units sold, we now protect more than 250,000 MVA worldwide. These units are present in over 80 countries and serve more than 250 end users. All top-tier transformer brands have integrated multiple TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR units into their transformers. Globally, in the Distribution & Transmission network, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is considered by many stakeholders as the solution to enhance electricity reliability and safety.

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