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Energy Transition

Safeguarding Transformers for a Sustainable Future

As the world transitions towards renewable energy sources, the role of transformers in the energy sector is becoming increasingly important. Transformers are required to convert and transmit electricity from renewable sources, such as solar and wind power, to the grid.

Professionals in energy transition need to understand the importance of transformers in this context and ensure that they are protected to ensure a smooth transition to a more sustainable energy system. 

In this road to new types or energy, all actors must pay special attention to the risk and the possibles consequences that transformer explosions have on the environment, which is the main subject and the reason to turn to safer and cleaner energy sources.

Transformer explosions can release hazardous substances into the environment, including oil and other chemicals used in the transformer. This can lead to contamination of soil, water, and air, and pose a significant risk to human health and wildlife. 

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