Secure your assets with the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP)

The only proven solution to prevent transformer explosions and fires.

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is a Fast Depressurization System, as described by the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA850.

World Leader in
Transformer Explosion and Fire Prevention.



More than 3,500 installed for over 90 end-users in 86 countries, making the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR an approved solution for all transformer types​


Many renewable power plants are protected with the TP, such as Beowawe I (Beowawe Power llc, Geothermal, USA), Gwynt Y Mor (Offshore Wind Farm, RWE Npower, UK), CE Oaxaca (Wind farm, Acciona SA, Mexico), Nacaome (Solar, Compana Hondurena de Energia Solar, Honduras) or Selchp (Veolia, Biopower, UK).


With over 400,000 MVA protected the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR can be installed on new and existing transformers, from 0.1 MVA to 1,250 MVA and above.​


Thanks to the numerous TP Activations that saved transformer from explosion and TP High Reliability, a large USD 15 Million Product Liability Insurance for the TP life is covering transformers because the TP insurance has never been used since implemented in 2005.


The TP secures assets by avoiding transformers explosion and fire consequences such as loss of revenues by sharply reducing outage time, environment pollution and life risks.
All calculations are demonstrating a large TP Return on Investment for all types of applications; therefore, the TP is a must for Insurance Companies and Risks Managers

Join the club, protect your transformers

With a customized solution according to transformer rating and customers’ budget, SERGI Transformer Protector (STP) has a product portfolio that can meet your requirements.

“Thank you to SERGI Transformer Protector Team for sharing his knowledge of transformers with the Aon Property Risk Control Team. TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR offers an impressive solution!“

 – Jeff Bore, Managing Director of Property Risk Control, Aon

Examples of TP installed in Renewable Power Plants

Protect your transformers with the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR

Ensure your revenues and secure your assets by installing the TP and eliminate environmental pollution risks.

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