TPS-6 – Small Transformers

Tested and Proven Solution for Oil-Filled Transformers ≤ 25 MVA

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) is the sole proven solution to prevent transformer explosions and fires. The TPS-6TM model, designed on the same principles as the TP, answers to a demand increase in safety and cost-effective solution for transformers rating less than 25 MVA.

Transformer explosions and subsequent fires lead to significant damage in the surrounding area. The resulting consequences are often much worst, such as:

TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR TPS-6TM has been specially designed for a cost-effective and easy installation for smaller transformers with reduced installation space.

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR Model TPS-6TM is a cost-effective explosion and fire prevention for any type of oil-immersed transformer less than 25 MVA.

For a moderate investment, the TPS-6TM prevents transformer explosions and channels the self-flammable and explosive gases out of the tank and creates a safe environment inside the transformer with a neutral gas.

The Model TPS-6TM is also a solution when the standard TP configuration is impossible due to some restrictions,

For instance, in downtown bunkers:

The Model TPS-6TM can be used, among others, when less than 25 MVA:

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