Enhancing Transformer Safety with the Innovative TL CONSERVATOR SHUTTER

When an internal fault occurs in an oil-filled transformer not protected by the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP), the electric arc produces a large amount of explosive gases. Those gases quickly create an overpressure that leads to transformer tank explosion.

The tank cover is often damaged, opened, and the explosive gases being in contact with air (oxygen) causes a fire. Unfortunately, the conservator oil generates a transformer tank overflow, which cause the fire to spread on the ground to the surrounding equipment and afterwards to the whole plant.

The CONSERVATOR SHUTTER function is to isolate the conservator tank when an excessive flow is detected. This prevents the conservator oil from feeding the transformer fire. It is important for transformer safety and recommended by organizations such as IEEE, CIGRE, etc.

Thanks to its design, some of the features of the CONSERVATOR SHUTTER are:

The TL CONSERVATOR SHUTTER is also very often used by electric utilities located in earthquake and hurricane areas, where movement causes transformer conservator pipes to rupture or leak. 

Two different types available: 

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