SERGI TP Missions

SERGI Transformer Protector (SERGI TP) is the world leader in transformer explosion and fire prevention. Its intensive research, know-how, and experience offer a unique knowledge to secure transformer installations and customers’ assets. SERGI TP’s technology, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR, prevents transformers from exploding, which saves:

  • Surrounding area
  • Human life
  • Environment, by stopping transformer oil leakage
  • Financial losses
  • Customers’ reputation


SERGI TP missions are to:

  • Improve knowledge on phenomena associated with transformer explosions and fires to develop preventive technologies
  • Develop solutions to meet customers’ needs
  • Educate actors to highlight risks from transformer explosions and fire
  • Assure implementation of preventive means on transformers
  • Lead actions to implement new regulations to ensure a safe and sustainable energy grid


SERGI TP will make sure to be profitable to lead these missions and ensure answering to customers’ requirements.

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