Increase electricity grid reliability

SERGI Transformer Protector - Application - T&D SERGI Transformer Protector - Application - T&D

Transformers are critical to transmit and distribute electricity. When a transformer fails, the network can be affected, which:

  • Includes more stress in the load to other substation
  • Leads to blackout, affecting industrial plants, business areas and residents

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) is the only proven solution to prevent transformer explosion and fire. When an internal short-circuit occurs in the transformer, the TP depressurizes the transformer within milliseconds, preventing transformer tank rupture.

In such conditions, no damage can occur to the sub-station. It is then easier and much faster to put back in service the substation.

Thanks to the TP, major concerns are eliminated, such as:

  • Fire propagation risk
  • Human life risk
  • Pollution risk
  • People evacuation risk
  • Brand reputation impact

With more than 2,000 TPs installed, protecting more than 250,000 MVA, in the Transmission & Distribution network around the world, the TP is considered by many actors as the solution to increase electricity great reliability and safety.

The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is a Fast Depressurization System, as defined in the Recommendations 850 of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).