25 years of expertise at the service of Power Generating Plants

SERGI Transformer Protector has created the transformer explosion and fire prevention segment in or around 1995. After years of research and tests, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) has been developed to offer an efficient, proactive, independent and cost-effective solution to:

  • Prevent long plant outage
  • Increase safety
  • Render nil environment pollution risk

Transformers are, with turbines, the highest risk identified by insurers and risk managers within Power Plants. When an incident occurs on a transformer, the power cannot be delivered to the grid, leading to high financial losses. Transformers are also often located in areas where employees and contractors work, which leads to a direct human life risk.

The TP provides a series of answers to safety, financial losses, environment pollution and communities impact risk, which participate in securing the investment of the Power Plant owners.

With more than 600 installations in Power Plants, protecting a cumulated of 100 GW of Electricity Production around the globe, the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is a key solution to protect your assets.